Added exceptional design challenges:


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Certificate ChallengeProduct ChallengeHeathcare ChallengeLight Challenge
Residential ChallengePro ChallengeJunction ChallengeSymposium Challenge
Design Within ChallengeGraphic ChallengeEvents ChallengeStudent Challenge
Appliance ChallengeBuilding ChallengeProduct ChallengeCraft Challenge
Culinary Goods ChallengeDigital Arts ChallengeGood ChallengeGreen Products Challenge
Ideas ChallengeIntelligent Idea ChallengeOrange Products ChallengeAmateur Challenge
Trade Fair ChallengeCosmetic Products ChallengeExcellence ChallengeCollege of Design Challenge
Greatest Artists ChallengeAwards' ChallengeBadges ChallengeLeading Challenge
The Best of All ChallengePortfolios ChallengeCar ChallengeDesign Weeks Challenge
Achievement ChallengeGrand Constructions ChallengeArt Works ChallengeE-Governance Challenge
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